April 6th to April 16th 2012

‘The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope’.

Last week saw day time temperatures drop dramatically and nights hitting the minus 3 degree mark and this had a hugely negative effect on the fishing on Lough Sheelin. The low temperatures coupled with a biting east wind which swept across the lake particularly on Saturday April 14th influenced the catches of fish which were poor regardless of the steady number of anglers who ventured out during the week.

Saturday which is normally a popular fishing day on the lake along with the unfavourable weather conditions also had to compete with The Grand National so Sheelin in general struggled to maintain her previously good record for angler numbers and catches of trout.

There were good hatches of olives on the lake and the trout are beginning to feed on them particularly from early April onwards.

The resurfacing on the roadway into Kilnahard harbour is now completed.

There was an incident at Finea on Wednesday April 11th where a swan was discovered with a triple hook stuck in her head with the spoon bait hanging down like an earring between her eyes. 

We would plead with anglers and all members of the public not to discard fishing tackle and rubbish behind them as there are always consequences to these actions.  Fortunately the hook was successfully removed from the swan and she appeared none the worse for human carelessness.

Andrew Browne with his 3lbs wild trout caught at Plunketts Pt.
Andrew Browne with his 3lbs wild trout caught at Plunketts Pt.

A catch and release policy is actively encouraged on this lake.

Catches for the week: 14 Northern Ireland anglers fished the lake for the weekend, hosting their own small ‘in house’ competition.  These anglers all haled from Co.Antrim and have a traditional of visiting the lake a number of times during the fishing season.  4 trout were caught on Friday April 13th averaging between 1 to 1½ lbs, caught on mixed flies but predominantly silver dabblers.  The competition was won on Saturday with a 4½ lb wild trout caught by a new member to the club – Jim.

Gary McKiernan, Ballinagh – 1 trout at 3½ lb on Friday April 6th using a big ollie.  On Saturday April 7th Gary caught 2 trout at 3 and 1½ lbs using a golden olive hopper.

Patrick Kelly, Mayo – 2 trout at 3 and 2½ lbs caught in the bog bay area of the lake.

Brenda Montgomery IFI