David Muirin from Arklow tells us:

In last two weeks of January we found river fishing very difficult. The main problem was murky, coloured water caused by flood. The lure fishing in  such conditions is always tough. Anyway, we left the dead baits in the fridge this time, geared up with lures only. Fishing was surprisingly good. I noticed a solid pike knock just in the third cast of the day, while slowly retrieving the lure along the margins. Fish didn’t hook up and this situation had repeated itself 13 times that day ! I’m blaming the poor water clarity for this. All the fish, which we landed that day, were lip hooked. The success didn’t come easy, we walked  long stretch of the river to find a few fishable spots. Best fish of that day went to Dawid, when he got this beauty 2 lb plus perch on a micro grubtail.

The funny thing in this catch is that, he landed his perch from the same spot, where I had my pike a minute before. Those gave us an oportunity to pose with two fine fish, which were returned safely, after quick photo session.

The day was passing and the fish were still on the feed.

Finally when the light began to fade, Maciek nailed a double. We were more than happy that we found this weather window and squeezed the river to it best. Just one day after, the Heaven opened again it’s flood gate and the rivers  burst their banks. In summary, January fishing was very good for us, one of the best in recent years. Roll on till February now.

David Muirin

Web: http://ecoastfishing.blogspot.com/