I had the pleasure of talking to Templemore and District Angling Club secretary Brendan Sage lately.

Templemore and district anglers are a club that has a beautiful stretch of the river suir and has a beautiful lake just off the centre of the town..they cater for both the game angler ( wild brownies ) and the course angler with rudd, pike ,bream,tench and a healthy hybred stock in the town lake.

Templemore town lake has had some excellent rudd caught on Saturday weighing up to 2lbs.  These are getting close to be specimen fish , a little care and minding of these type could well bring a record sized fish in a couple of years , so the club urge anglers to handle them with the utmost of care , you never know IT COULD BE YOU that catches that record fish.

Compliments of:

Brendan Sage,

Templemore and District Angling Club

Phone: 086 271 3243

Web: www.templemore and district facebook