Once regarded as one of the top salmon rivers in these islands, now the number of fish being landed on the river Nore has collapsed.

What makes it more upsetting is that water quality on the river is improving thanks to the EPA and the local authorities and the absence of the drift net men on the estuary.

Yet salmon fishing seems to be almost gone. Are we paying the price for one disastrous year when the people who built the River Nore Flood Relief Scheme made a mess of the Lacken Weir and stopped hundreds possibly thousands of salmon from retuning up stream to spawn.

Local angler and keen conservationist Liam Kenehan has been fishing on the Nore for many years and over the last three years has watched numbers dwindle…

Kilkenny People 08/10/2013 Read the article ‘Are salmon gone from Nore’

Kilkenny People - Salmon photo Eoin Hennessy
Kilkenny People – Salmon photo Eoin Hennessy