Inland Fisheries Ireland staff are investigating an incident of fish mortalities at Lough Keeldra outside Mohill in County Leitrim. The incident was reported to Inland Fisheries Ireland on Tuesday 10th September. Considerable numbers of dead perch were recorded at the lake site. Live fish, which were also observed in the lake, were in distress. The presence of blue/green algae is currently being considered as part of the investigations.  Lough Keeldra is a designated bathing area and signs erected by Leitrim County Council prohibit bathing at present.

Members of the public are being urged to note that after a prolonged period of low flow levels and unseasonably high water temperatures, all aquatic life but especially fish are extremely vulnerable to the slightest deterioration in water quality. Landowners and the owners of any premises or property that adjoins a watercourse should take particular care to ensure that every reasonable measure is taken to minimise any threat to water quality and fish life.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is appealing to the general public to report any incident, or suspected incident of pollution or deterioration of water quality and sightings of distressed fish. Amanda Mooney, Director for the Shannon River Basin District, commented “Whether an incident occurs deliberately or inadvertently, it is critical for fish welfare and general water quality that incidents can be dealt with promptly”.

Inland Fisheries Ireland operates a confidential 24 hour hotline and suspected illegal fishing or pollution can be reported to 0818 34 74 24.



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Inland Fisheries Ireland is a statutory body operating under the aegis of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and was established under the Fisheries Act on 1st July 2010. Its principal function is the protection and conservation of the inland fisheries resource. IFI promotes, supports, facilitates and advises the Minister on, the conservation, protection, management, development and improvement of inland fisheries, including sea angling. It also develops and advises the Minister on policy and national strategies relating to inland fisheries and sea angling.