The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport announced that as part of the Irish Coast Guard new fleet programme, that the Sikorsky S92 will replace the current aircraft, a Sikorsky S61, at Waterford on Sept 15th 2013. This S92 is the 3rd Sikorsky S92 Helicopter to come into service, one in Shannon and one in Sligo. The final S92 Helicopter of the package is due in Dublin in November of this year.

The New S92 Improved Range + Increased Speed + Larger Capacity = Better Service.

The new Sikorsky S92 will have a huge operational advantage for the Coast Guard from the perspective of the maritime community with a huge improvement in the range and capability which will also benefit communities countrywide both inland and coastal.

The Coast Guard have surveyed over fifty landing sites countrywide but have focused mainly on the needs in areas where road transport may not benefit the patient if urgent transport was required, especially in terms of transferring people to a centre of excellence within the 90 minute window which is the requirement in the majority of cases when a casualty needs immediate medical attention at a nominated medical centre as directed by HSE staff.

Inter-hospital transfers, donor organ recipient transfers, specialist medical teams can now be transported in this modern, reliable and safe aircraft which with its large multi role cabin and rear access ramp which can accommodate stretchers, hospital trolleys, incubators, equipment and personnel .

This aircraft and the well trained crew with state registered paramedics on-board can now provide a first class service.

It can also transfer specialised Ambulance Response and Mountain Rescue teams to an incident any-where in the country at very short notice, for example train or bus crash or RTA(road traffic accident) requiring multi casualty evacuation.

The area of operation in the Irish EEZ (Economic Exclusion Zone) will also be expanded to nearly 300 miles offshore and with its satellite communications, long range and discreet communications suite casualty information can be transmitted to the receiving hospital.

The capability to be on-scene to a maritime incident in any weather conditions in a shorter time period is largely enhanced due in the main to four main attributes of the aircraft:

Speed, Range, De-icing and Performance

Speed:  Up to 150kts and doesn’t lose speed at altitude, will carry 22 casualties at max range with twin engines each delivering 2500 SHP.

Range:  Will have an ROA of 270mls from Waterford and can enhance that with auxiliary tanks.

De-icing: In adverse weather where rotor icing is an issue this aircraft can fly at 10.00ft in conditions of minus 40dgs C.

Performance: Modern reliable engines which deliver more power coupled with three programme linked navigational software , searchlight capability of 30 million candle power , dual high speed winches, high resolution picture zoom, memory mapping, adjacent aircraft detection capability, hi-tech communication systems, large multi role cabin, HEMS licenced, 8 pax seats, reliable single engine performance, enhanced hover performance and in-flight homing equipment.


More Information can be got on the website.