Daniel Brady contacted us to tell us about a great result he had on Blessington last Tuesday.

Conditions were pleasant –  a nice sunny day with clear a sky. Daniel was using roach as bead-bait on a sliding float rig, set about 7 feet deep.  The pike took very positively and was a good fighter, taking about 10 to 15 minutes to land.

Daniel's 21lb pike from Blessington
Daniel's 21 pounder from Blessington. Unfortunately this was the only photo they took as they were keen to return the pike as quickly as possible!

It was weighed and photographed and released safely back into the water unharmed.

Pike Handling and conservation

Anglers are reminded of the importance of carefully handling pike, especially when you are dealing with females around the spawning season. An unhooking mat is of great use to ensure that the fishes vulnerable slime layer does not get damaged and lead to infection. IFI have have published guidelines on pike handling here: