Fishery Manager, Rob Love reports on fishing at the Carton House Fisheries near Maynooth

Carton House fishery report January 9th 2013

The Rye Water

Season 1st March – 30th September

The Rye Lake

Pike fishing is in full swing over the last number of weeks on the Rye Lake.  A number of anglers have had successful outings with both dead bait and lures working well.  Hopefully the larger fish which were being caught earlier are tempted again as generally only smaller fish in the 5 – 7lb range have been caught in the last week or two.

We would ask that anglers fishing on the Rye Lake to use barbless hooks or hooks with barbs squashed down.

Parking is by the boathouse on the Rye Lake, permits should be purchased at Hotel main reception prior to fishing and from a health and safety point of view please keep clear of any golfing areas as golfers can become an irritated species if there are fishermen on their greens.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email us at [email protected] or call + 353 1 5052000.