Biker Piker, Frank the plasterer and the Barrow Piker had a date with one of the three sisters – The Barrow.  A fiery romance ensued. Meeting up at 10 am the three gentlemen set themselves up at the edge of the river.  Then the fun commenced with a fighting jack who ferociously fought the hook.   But our Barrow Piker was not to be beaten.

Mr Jack Pike was no match for the Barrow Piker
Mr Jack Pike was no match for the Barrow Piker

Heading further down stream the three amigos met up with David Muirin of East Coast Fishing Blog.  What happened next can only be described as  a mystery. All anglers had a series of vicious tugs on their rods and yet no fish.  The bait was hardly touched.  Was there a phantom pike lurking beneath the water?  …the mind wanders

Barrow Piker had a close encounter with this creature, his bait was mangled and chopped like the chain saw massacre!  Read his article on ‘The Phantom Menace’

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