The Delphi Fishery is still waiting for their first salmon of the season. Fresh fish were seen on Monday and Tuesday of last week in the tail end of the Quarry and the Meadow respectively. They were however uncooperative and therefore only managed to frustrate the anglers who tried in vain.

Enrico Fantasia was unlucky to lose his salmon at the net on Fin Lough

In more recent days Angus Sutherland’s party gave it a good go and Enrico Fantasia nearly got Delphi off the mark. Believe it or not it was on Finlough on a Willie Gunn and the fish of 6 to 7lbs came off just before the net! There was indeed great disappointment. Better luck next time Enrico.

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We are quiet again for the next few days if any of you readers want to wet a line. However, there are still one or two die hards trying their luck.

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March 2013 not only starts off the official Delphi Lodge season, it’s also a time when the West springs into life again with a new and diverse calendar of events and festivals in Galway, Connemara and Southwest Mayo.

For anyone considering holidaying in Connemara, Ireland, with golf, horse-riding, walking, hill-walking, bicycling, island trips, beaches and much more in mind, Delphi Lodge has got to be the best location, sitting within the borders of Southwest Mayo & County Galway in the West of Ireland.

We are happy to offer a wide range of exciting activities for Lodge & Cottage guests.
 Delphi Lodge is the ideal place for sports and outdoors activities.

You will be amazed at the variety and multitude of events and festivals taking place all around the area, catering for all tastes from food to culture and heritage as well as just about every kind of music.  If you love it, there’s a festival for it. Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar March 2013.