Fishery manager Nigel Rush reports on yet more superb fishing: The week ending 3rd August saw the fishery breaking another record. The first week of July gave us a record 32 fish and this week past has surpassed this by 5 fish with 37 fish landed for just 27 rod-days.

Heavy rain on the 24th July gave us the necessary lift in water levels to allow more fish to enter the system and this combined with some excellent anglers booked into the fishing rota for the weekend resulted in yet another record week.

Topping the leader board for the week were Peter Zephras from Scotland, who landed 4 fish to 4.5lbs for one evening’s angling on the lower river, and Neil Spellacy with 4 fish to 6lbs for one day. Colin Lynham landed  3 fish to 5.8lbs for one day. New to the fishery, Mark Helmore  and Brian Hegarty had two apiece for one half day each. Jonathan Murray and Richard McDowell  recorded 5 fish to 6lbs between them, and John McCaughey, Dundalk, had 2 fish to 4lbs for his first visit.

Out of the 37 fish 25 were released and 12 killed, 2 of which were fin-clipped hatchery fish.

Sea trout anglers are slowly starting to appear and for 4 lake days 19 sea trout were recorded.

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