Ian Powell of Blackwater Lodge tells us they had a fantastic day on Saturday October 5th with the river fining off nicely having dropped to fly height. Clarity 2 feet or so & peaty.

Tim Harty 15½lb.
Tim Harty 15½lb.
Tim's fish being released.
Tim’s fish being released.

The Total Catch for yesterday (5th.) was nine fish. The Best Fish of the Day was Tim Harty’s 15½lb (2 pics above) which was a very clean fish. This was the only fish taken on the lower beats, but there were 8 fish lost after being briefly hooked. Fish were taking short as the clarity on the lower river was worse than on the upper river at barely 2 feet.

Conor Arnold's 15lb.
Conor Arnold’s 15lb.

On the upper beats where clarity was rather better at 2-2½ feet, fish were taking well. Guide Conor Arnold had a Red Letter Day with 3 fish of 12, 13 & 15lb (see pics above). The 13 pounder was a clean fish especially from on of our very top beats. Dave Walsh also had a 5 pounder from the same beat.

There were other fish of 5, 6, 7 & 9lb from other upper beats and teenage angler Jack McNally landed two from the very top beat. To prove this was no fluke he has already reported another two fish for today by 12.00 from a lower beat one of which was a clean 12 pounder – Good Lad Jack! There are also a couple of 6 pounders already reported from another upstream beat as well.

Jack McNally on Oct 6th with clean 12lb Salmon
Jack McNally on Oct 6th with clean 12lb Salmon


There is just some light rain forecast for Monday & we will have a dry spell up to Friday. Sport is excellent in spite of the fact that all the fish in the estuary don’t appear to have run into the main river as yet. If the do – all hell will break loose!

Time marches on and there are now just 6 days of the season remaining, now is the time to get fishing. As last year, the 6 remaining days in October will be Fly Only and Catch & Release.

Availability of both fishing & accommodation is available for October.

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