Yet another very productive week at Ballisodare, where 134 salmon were caught, many of those released. The week started well, with 22 caught on Monday and a further 20 caught on Tuesday. Fish ranged from 3lbs to 7lbs in weight, many taken on the fly, with the prawn accounting for others. The most successful flies over these days were Cascades, Teal, Blue and Silver, and Willie Gunn’s.

Wednesday was slow as water levels remained very low, as a result only ten were caught for the day, eight on the fly with two taken on the prawn. Seven of those were released. By Thursday welcomed rain had raised water levels on the system, with 11 caught for the day, five released.

Following the peak of the flood, levels receded leaving the river in better condition for anglers. As a result, a great catch of 33 salmon was recorded for the day, ranging from 3lbs to 8lbs, with the majority taken on fly and worm. A further 19 were caught on Saturday, with the same number taken on Sunday, with a large proportion taken on fly and the prawn proving productive as the water cleared on Sunday. Again, fish ranged in size from 3lbs to 7lbs, with many of those caught safely released.