Brendan O’Reilly reports that today Newgrange Active Angling club had a club challenge match with local pike angling club O’Casey’s on a Lake in Monaghan. With water high we knew it would be difficult. It was a bright day and a couple of fish coming to both teams in the first hour, 2 to O’Casey’s Johnny Brady and 2 for Brendan O’Reilly for Newgrange. O’Casey’s had the better fish and had the lead, but fishing slowed down for a while as both teams went in search of fish. Paul Reynolds of O’Casey’s caught the next fish to extend the lead, then 2 fish for Newgrange 6-lb and a 5lbs-4ozs gave the honour’s to Newgrange Angler’s by 3lbs-11ozs. All in all a good day’s fishing was had.
Brendan advises that Newgrange new membership will closing on Feb 22nd

Brendan O'Reilly with his 6lb Fish
Brendan O’Reilly with his 6lb Fish

Darragh Pictured Here With His Fish at Today's Match
Darragh Pictured Here With His 5lb 4oz Fish at Today’s Match