Bass fishing this summer & early autumn has been tough. What’s the reason….there has been plenty of speculation; high water temps? A plethora of baitfish? A long cold winter? Offshore netting? Poaching? Numerous explanations have been offered….but it’s not all bad news. Some anglers have been bagging a few.

Robert Frazcek
Robert Frazcek

Cork Harbour Angling Hub - Robert Frazcek (2)Cork Harbour light lines competitor, Robert Frazcek, is one. Robert has been fishing some of the inner and outer harbour marks and has been happy with his results. Concentrating on lure fishing Robert has had some nice fish and lately he reports that the average stamp of fish has improved. On his most recent foray Robert has had two nice fish; one of 60cm and the other at 62cm. Well done Robert, keep it up!
Cork Harbour Angling Hub - Bass 04.10.13
And here’s another man enjoying what Cork has to offer…..
Cork Harbour Angling Hub - Bass (2)