Steven Neely and Co. made the most of their weekend and headed off in search of perch.  He reports:

Finally a break in this horrific weather! We decided to go and chase some perch for a change – we packed the car and set off before sunrise.

The day was stunning – blue skies, sunshine yet still crisp and cold.

We fished a huge variety of lures and styles including: Jig heads, Texas rigs, Jikka rigs and Drop Shot.

I had the most success on a 5g Drop shot set up with a size 4 weed less hook. Most of the lures I used were made by Illex – I Shad, Pin Tails and Method Shads.

Reins Rock Vibes, Molix Freaky Rocks and Fiiish 70mm Black Minnows all accounted for fish too!

Steven Neely - Micro Perching 2

Steven Neely - Micro Perching 3Steven Neely - Micro Perching 1Both my girlfriend and my father connected with two very large rainbow trout easily between 5 and 6lb weight – sadly they had followed the lure right to their toes before deciding to smash and grab. One almighty head shake and both spat the hooks!

That would have been the icing on the cake but they will be there for another day.

We failed to hook up with any bigger perch but for once it was nice just to get out and enjoy the surroundings plus we took advantage of the consistent sport on offer.

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Steven Neely

Rookie Bass Angler


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