Paul Waghorne, blogger, podcaster and angler is back at Lanesborough and for his annual long stay. So far the fishing has not been great but it’s early days yet. Here are some of the highlights from the last seven days…

02/04 Not much fishing done yesterday. The water temperature is rising rapidly, so it won’t be long before we see some serious action. It was a wet day but Aiden Dooney was just below me and caught an 8oz Roach before landing the seasons best Roach so far weighing in at a hefty 1lb 10.5oz. For the last 45 minutes of daylight, we barely had a bite between us, but I did get a Gudgeon.

Aiden Dooney with the first real Roach of the season – 1lb 10.5oz

03/04  My first dawn session of the year. It was very slow to start, even with Krilled maggots, only a solitary Perch in the first thirty minutes, but then the action was non stop. I was fishing the slack water five yards down from the post and had a 14oz Roach before hooking something bigger. My apologies to the local residents for my attack of “Tourettes” when I lost it. Then three Hybrids in quick succession, all around 2 lb and several 4oz Roach.

04/04 Up early again but was beaten to the gusher so fished below the bush. It was very slow to begin, no hot water, but gradually I got the Roach feeding. Most were only 2oz with some going 4oz. Only two fish of note, a hybrid which surprisingly only had 11 rays on the anal fin which was about a pound and a half and a Roach of 12oz.

During the day Peter Wood tried the duckpond area but only got a 6oz Perch for his effort. On the hot stretch, near the bush, Andy Burnett had a short session with a 1 lb 9 oz Roach being the highlight.  I had the last 90 minutes of daylight to myself near the bush after Aiden vacated the swim. I had lots of 2oz Roach (and my 6th Gobio of 2014) before landing the best Roach so far this season. I had another of about a pound.
I only smile when Brighton win, – 2014 best Roach (so far) – 1lb 14oz

05/04 There was no one on the river when I arrived at 6:15 and at 9:00 I was still the only angler.There were no fish over 4oz, except a rogue Perch of about a pound. In fact, 2oz was about the average size. Later a group of youngsters from Mulhuddart Foroige fishing Club in Dublin under the supervision of Killian McCormack caught many Roach along the hot water stretch, the best going a pound. After that, Peter Wood arrived and chose the gusher where he had a very nice Rudd of 12oz amongst his mixed bag including a few hybrids. I did 90 minutes before rain stopped play at 19:30 catching loads of Roach, but aside from a 14oz fish first cast, were mainly 2-3oz a piece, except for my 7th Gudgeon of my spring campaign.

06/04 James McHugh gave up on his overnight session as the southerly wind was prohibiting presentation. He had one bite yesterday evening which took him into the reeds. Was it a Tench? Later in the day I went out to do the dutiful thing and found the bright sunlight as much as a problem as the wind. I had only a handful of Roach this evening and nothing over 4oz.

07/04 It was cooler this morning, thought he wind has dropped. Still no hot water. After five minutes or so, I landed a 1lb 4oz Roach, followed by an 8oz Perch. Then onwards it got steadily worse. Bites were few and far between and I probably wasted most of my ground bait trying to build the swim. Aside from a 10oz fish at 8.45, it wasn’t the best of sessions, but at least I had the river to myself. This evening I was back indoors long before sunset, my two hour session produced an abundance of fish not usually attributed to Lanesborough. I was fed up with 1/2 ounce Roach. OK, I did get some 4oz fish but these were mainly Rudd. The weather was typical of April, rain followed by bright sun.

08/04 This mornings session was a disappointment, resulting in 18 Roach. a Perch and a Gudgeon. The Roach were mostly tiny with the biggest about 3oz. Two other anglers arrived for the day. Three hours on the feeder to blank for one, and four fish for the other on the stick float. Needless to say, these two visitors were gone long before mid day.
Still no hot water, so I’m giving up fishing the hot stretch, until tomorrow anyway…..

Paul Waghorne

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