Closure of Shannon to fishing at Lanesborough an indication of threat

Following the findings of a survey into the population of Asian clam (corbicula fluminea) at Lanesborough, Co Longford, and the surrounding area, fishing is to remain closed until further notice from Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI).

Last month, a large population of the invasive species was located in the Shannon, below the hot water discharge from the ESB station at Lanesborough. As a follow-up to this dramatic find, IFI has temporarily closed the section for angling and erected signage.

While an enormous amount of work has already taken place on eradication, it is clear from the survey that the Asian clam population has reached a stage where complete removal is not feasible….

Irish Times 27/10/2014 Read the article ‘Invasion of Asian clam a threat to fisheries and native species

Asian Clam