Rob Love recounts an old shaggy dog story regarding the General in his latest report. This old tale is about a pike so big that it coud only live in those parts of the River Liffey that were big enough to let it turn. Well roll forward to the present day and Rob finds himself at Rye Lake wondering if there may have been some grain of truth in the story…

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Having had no response from the pike in the more likely looking lies it looked like it might not happen this time. I decided to give it a little more of a chance with another good looking mini bay in the reeds approaching with the drift.  On my first cast the little barbless perch imitation was taken by a modest enough pike of about 4 or 5lb.  I managed to get the fish up to the surface and that’s when from underneath the boat a second monstrous pike snatched ‘my’ pike and tried to carry it down deep.  Peering forward I saw an enormous pike – easily over 20lb holding on to my pike about 2/3 down his body.  The seconds that followed were the most bizarre pike fly fishing seconds of my life.   What ensued was akin to a tug o war where she was trying to drag the poor unfortunate hooked fish down and I was trying to hold on.  She dragged the two of us around the boat and then some.  I was really beginning to wonder how this was going to end when shortly after, probably fed up, she let go…

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pike fising
Moments after hooking a jack on the fly another much bigger pike tried to eat her smaller comrade!