Billy Downes reports from Laune:

Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association waters and Beat 3.

As of Monday 8th September water level fallen back to about six inches on the gauge at Johnston’s. The small rise we got last week worked a treat and up to Monday last our members and visitors were meeting fish mostly slightly stale fish. Then from Wednesday fresh fish were seen running the river but they were difficult enough to catch.

Noel Hickey with a 7 lb sea liced fish on the fly from Johnston's
Noel Hickey with a 7 lb sea liced fish on the fly from Johnston’s

The exceptions being Noel Hickey from Limerick and Sinead Downes from Tralee who respectively had fish of 7 lb and 6lb bars of silver with sea lice on them. We were beginning to think we would not see another fresh fish before the end of the season. Fish of the week goes to Tom Ward who landed a beautiful if slightly tinted fish of 14 lbs at Paul Connor’s on the worm. Best fish on the fly goes to Kieran Conlon (Guideline Powerteam Ireland ) who landed and returned a fish of 12 lbs from the bottom of the Rock Pool.

Sinead Downes with her first fish in four years, 6 lbs on the worm.
Sinead Downes with her first fish in four years, 6 lbs on the worm.

There were a few more fish landed but most anglers are out there enjoying the lovely weather and the ambiance but one ingredient missing from most anglers experience – the pull or the salmon.
A good few sea trout are being caught on the fly. This writer returned two over the pound and Richard Barry had one of 2 lbs and Michel Bertrand had a sea trout of 3.5 lbs.

Permits for Laune Anglers waters for September will cost €35 still excellent value compared to other fisheries and the chances of a fish.

Beat 3:

There are a few salmon in the deeper pools on Beat 3, hard to tell what kind of numbers but very resistant to fly spinner or worm.
For Beat 3 Permit Costs click on: Beat 3 Permit Prices 2014
Prospects: In this weather prospects for the week are not great but if you’re out you could catch one the fresh ones running, a sea trout or a good sized staler fish late in the evening on the fly.
There is news of rain over weekend and sport will certainly improve then but 2014 will still go down as the third bad year in a row on the Laune.

Anglers please note: A ‘One Day’ salmon permit for Beat 3 only costs €25

For further up to date information look up: ‘Water Level’
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