South East Angling Services Gerard Doran enjoys the fishing on his native Slaney:

A change of scenery this week saw myself packing the rods for a brief morning session on the famous River Slaney which rises in the Wicklow mountains flowing through Counties Carlow and Wexford before meeting open sea at Wexford Harbour.

Ger Doran - River SlaneySpinning equipment was employed consisting of a Grauvell lure rod rated to cast 15-50 grams teamed up with a 4000 sized Shimano reel. Single hooks must be used when fishing on the Slaney, as a result replacing trebble hooks on some Flying C lures with single hooks ensured any fish hooked would be released quickly and with minimal stress.

Ger Doran - Slaney signOn arrival at the river at 5.20 am conditions looked great. Sure enough only three casts into the session a Salmon struck the 10 gram lure fighting hard for perhaps four or five minutes before being tailed in shallow water, some quick photos and the fish swam off back into the fast flowing depths. You might notice a mark in the fish which seemed to be from some time ago but now almost healed.

Ger Doran - SalmonThe fish was approximately eight pounds in weight. More fish were caught by other anglers later in the day in various locations and methods. It is fantastic to see the river producing good fishing as it is famous for.

To fish on the Slaney you must have a state licence, use single hooks and release any Salmon caught. Check local rules and restrictions also before fishing.

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