Fishery manager Nigel Rush reports that last week was slow, with just 6 fish landed for 9 rod-days. However, the rain that was promised arrived with a vengeance and the river yesterday was in full flood. The lakes are now full so lack of water is not an option and should see plenty of fish entering the fishery this week.

So far this week the fishery has produced 11 grilse to 5lbs for just 13 rod-days with Conor McCormick landing 3 fish for 3 outings and Steve Eustace 2 fish for 2 mornings.

Steve’s second fish caught yesterday morning, was landed at Tullywee bridge and whilst he was sorting out a tag to tag the fish, his young son Nick, who was sitting next to the fish was accosted by an otter who duly picked up the fish and headed for the nearest bushes! Two otters have regularly been spotted on this stretch with one of them killed three mornings ago on the road nearby. Obviously this roaming otter is trying to rear it’s young on its own and will stoop to robbing our anglers catch….be warned!

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