Ghillie Vincent Appleby reports on the salmon and sea trout fishing in the past week on Lough Currane from his blog at

29/5/14 There was little movement today on the Big Lake/Lough Currane, just 1 Sea Trout to report, caught on the troll, by Jim Comerford. You could say the rest of my Noble Anglers buried their head in the sand. Wind west this morning then veer ed N this afternoon, light with bright sunshine all day.

30/5/14 All quiet in all departments, again we had bright sunshine all day and a very gentle wind from the west. So the least said the soonest mended.


31/5/14 There was some good action on the Lake today, so straight to the Salmon department, first in the striking fly zone was Mr. Enrico Fantasia of Dublin, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of who caught a fine 7 lbs Grilse and finished his day off with a fine Sea Trout in the 2 lbs. class. In the trolling department Mr. Dan Sugrue of Waterville and Tralee fishing with his good friend Mr. Brod O’Sullivan, caught a  fine Salmon in the 7 lbs, class and finished their day off with a Salmon in the 10 lbs. class. There was also some good action in the Sea trout Department, Mr. Sean Brick of Tralee caught a 2 ½ lbs Sea trout on the drift and fishing out of Now we cut across to the South Side, The Honourable W.F.D.G. Secretary Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan, caught a fine Sea Trout on the fly, in the 3 ½ lbs class. Now to the Hired out boat fly department of Anglers from Co Down, caught 3 Sea Trout in the 2 ¾  lbs. class, and finished their day off with four more Sea Trout in the 2 lbs class. Dara and Margaret, from Dublin, caught 1sea trout of 2 lbs. 2 ozs, Now to back date department, yesterday 30/5/14 Mr. Niall Harrington of Dublin, caught 2 Sea Trout one of  2.2 lbs and released another Sea Trout of  2 ½ lbs. Last but least, Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly caught a fine Sea Trout of 2 ½ lbs on the Drift. Wind SW light to fresh with good cloud cover.

1/6/14  This Bank holiday Sunday was a miserable day in all departments be it fly or troll and there were no reports of any real rod benders and if there were which I am Sure there were? My Honourable Anglers failed miserably in their duties to report there catches, now to the upper lakes and the backdate department, yesterday 31/5/14 Mr. John Walsh, fishing on Lough Derriana, caught a fine Grilse on the drift and staying on Lough Derriana today, Mr. Noel Clancy of Waterville reported to me that he caught a few Brown trout and caught a 8 lbs Kelt. On that note, I will head for the reminiscing department and the Best View In Ireland, I remember by Father and Uncle after a good days Sea fishing out from Bunnavalla, would head for the Famous Scarriff Inn Bar for a Large Whisky and I can remember My Uncle Ernest saying after a few whisky’s, this is the best view in Ireland. Wind SW light to fresh and overcast with misty rain this morning and heavy at times

2/6/14 sorry for the delay out of the County for the day and just got back. Here are today’s facts, US Angler Mr. Curtis Welled, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of caught a fine 3 lbs Sea Trout on the fly, and staying in the Sea Trout department Mr. Paul Lawton caught a fine Sea Trout on the drift, and for the rest of Game Fishing Community no comment. Now to the Magazine department, I see in the Trout and Salmon, that Mr. John Allen of the UK got his photo in, of his fine 9 lbs Sea Trout, so congratulations for that. Wind was like me all over the place today, first it was NW then veered W then veered all way into the east and overcast.

3/6/14 All the headlines go to the hired out boat department of Waterville Boats and at [email protected] UK fly anglers, John and Simon White from Bristol, they caught a fine Grilse in the 4 lbs. class and also lost another fine Salmon on the drift, they finished their day off with a Sea Trout in the 2 ½ lbs. class, which they sportingly put back to fight another day. Where the rest of my Noble Anglers are concerned they failed miserably in their duties in Procuring my honorable Game Fish and if they did procure a few rod benders, they have failed to report their catches, so remember your catches will catch my Noble Anglers. The wind was in the west, but the fish wouldn’t invest, even though the anglers tried their best??

4/6/14 UK angler Mr. Terence Henson takes the honours in the Sea Trout department, with a fine Sea trout in the 3 lbs. class, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of there were a few boats manipulating but sadly they got their calculations in a tangle and that’s the reason they failed with their manipulations, but to be fair to my Noble Sea Trout Anglers, it was very squally and cold on the Lake, wind NNW.


5/6/14 All the headlines go to Mr. Gavin Wishart and his Uncle, Mr. Andy Wishart of Northern Ireland and for good reason they left their home in the North this morning, and headed straight to Lough Currane and Waterville Boats and at [email protected]  they got out fishing by 4.45 pm and caught their 13 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll, within 30 minutes of putting their rods out, and as Frank Carson would say “that’s a cracker” Wind SE fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

6/6/14 There was a raging flood coming down the Commeragh river this morning and as you can imagine the Lake was dirty and with a strong SE wind blowing across the Lake, which didn’t make for good fishing, come lunch time most anglers headed for the high stool.

Fionan takes the limelight

7/6/14 Lough Currane is on the rise after yesterdays flood. The amount of rainfall was 18.2 mm, and as you well know a rising lake doesn’t make for good fishing but at the same time it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch my Noble gentlemen so lets get today’s facts, in hired out boat fly department, Mr. Philip Jarvais, caught a fine 2 lbs Sea Trout on the drift. Now we head upstream to the Commeragh River and all the head lines go to Master Fionan Brain, who caught a cracker of a Salmon in the 10 lbs class on the Black birds fancy while fishing with his Dad, Mr. Sion Brain of Wind SW fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

David Holmes with 11 lb. salmon and Martin Coveny with a cracker of 17 lb. caught on the 7/6/14

8/6/14 Lough Currane was on the mad side in the opinion of local Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of and for good reason, there was a strong SW wind blowing down the lake, this didn’t deter his clients, Mr. Peter Liddel and Mr. Alex Muir, from catching 3 fine Sea Trout on the drift, up to 4 ½ lbs. Now we head for the  Boat hire department, Mr. Alan Richmond caught 1 Brown Trout of 2 lbs and also caught 2 fine Sea trout up to 2 ½ lbs. and yesterday 7/6/14 caught a Sea Trout of 1 ½ lbs all caught on the fly. Staying with yesterday and catch of the week, that goes to Mr. Martin Coveny who caught a cracker of a Salmon in the 17 lbs. class and his good friend Mr. David Homes, finished their day off with a Salmon in the 11 lbs class, when asked where were they caught? They replied for us to know and for you to find out, well I didn’t but at least the Camera did get a bit of action

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