Three Dublin anglers; Paddy Keogh, Aidan Cox and Joe White write Irish Fishing Diaries . This week the lads made their way down to Kinsale Co. Cork to meet up with Mike Dennehy, Pedro Walsh and Rob Vaughan of Kinsale Charters.

Aidan Cox with blue shark in Kinsale
Aidan Cox with blue shark in Kinsale

Irish Fishiing Diaries - Blue shark

After the essential fry-up the men were ready for the day.  After about 10 minutes of good banter on the ‘Silver Dawn’ Aidan’s rod went and the fight was on.  The blues began to arrive speckled with lots of garfish. All in all a great day.  Read full account on Blue Shark Cork September

Irish Fishing Diaries - Aidan Cox

Irish Fishing Diaries - Fishing in Kilsale

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