Rookie Bass Angler Steven Neely enjoys a break out fishing in Donegal and reports:

It was nice to get away from the office and have a few casts last weekend – I had some new toys to try out and the weather was looking pretty decent.

I headed back to my new favourite wrasse haunt and it didn’t disappoint.

At first it was extremely slow to start but then it was like a switch was flicked and the wrasse came thick and fast.

Steven Neely - Donegal wrasse 3

Steven Neely - Donegal wrasse 2They nailed a huge variety of profile and colours – Fiiish Black Minnows seemed to be pretty high on the menu. Illex Ammonite Shads, Reins Rock Vibes, Z Man Finesse Shad Z …. and tons more. In fact bright blue seemed to be working well for some weird reason …. never happened before. We had been using blue over silver to try and tempt a few pollack which were feeding hard on bait fish.

Steven Neely - Donegal 2

Steven Neely - Donegal 1Even managed a nice pollack on the light gear which gave a great scrap – my new Illex S 195 ML, 3.5-14g is a class set up for light soft plastic work – so far, so good!

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Steven Neely

Rookie Bass Angler


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