Daniel Brosnan (PRO) for Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club reports on the Cappaclough Competition which was held on Sept 6th:

The conditions last Saturday were more for sunbathing rather then fishing but the competition was the only subject on peoples minds. With little wind, little surf, and bright sunshine, everybody knew that the fish would be few and far between….

The conversation before hand was mighty, the bit of weed on the sand was the topic of some and the bright sunshine made sure bottles of water were at hand, tactics were talked and with the massive gap between competitions, nobody knew who would turn up??!!!!…

All in all there was a good crowd, 20 anglers altogether and some match anglers from cork had made the trip. Every body had scratching on the mind but when the all and mighty ‘Phil Ord’ pulled in a 49cm bass to sand eel on a pulley rig, heads were being scratched instead of the surf…

Daniel Brosnan - Cappaclough Sept 6th 2014 1To be honest the fishing was poor, with the bright sunshine literately beaming through the water the fish just were not in areas. That cannot be said for one part of the beach tho, David O Sullivan and his son Chris O Sullivan pulled in a total of 20 fish between them and that made David and Chris both Junior and senior winners on the day…

The anglers in contention would be James Allman, David O Sullivan, Aidan O Sullivan, Shane Mc and Sean Fitzgerald…..

I am a complete novice at match angling, with this only my second year but one thing I have noticed is sometimes the junior anglers are on the day better then the seniors…

Sean Clifford had a great day and when he arrived with no bait myself and Eugene gave him the world of it and did he show us up…

I can’t exactly remember what he had but the enjoyment in the young lads face was something to behold, I know for certain that last Saturday was something that will stick in his mind forever more…

The species caught on the day were bass, ray, flounder and I think a mullet but I stand corrected on that…

When everybody congregated in O’Neil’s of camp after the match, the results were very tight and with only 1 point between third and forth places, heads did bow….

Daniel Brosnan - Cappaclough Sept 6th 2014 2Another great match and its a pity it was the only one of the summer sun, another thing thats needs to be sorted out is our next match as it coincides with the Dawia Irish Pairs and if anybody has a suggestion on when to have it, please do…

With the Irish Pairs, All Ireland Final and the master angler we don’t know when we can have it but stay tuned…




1st, David O Sullivan, 199points, 10 fish

2nd, Sean Fitzgerald, 126points

3rd, Barry O Rourke, 109points


1st, Chris O Sullivan, 166points

2nd, Sea Clifford, 112points

3rd, Oisin Foley, 90points


Biggest Bass

Phil Ord, 49cm

Biggest Flat

Aidan O Sullivan, 34 cm Flounder

Daniel Brosnan (PRO)
Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club
Web: www.traleebaysac.org

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