Cianfisher of Boat Angling Ireland ventures out on his boat  from Cork Harbour and reports:

Must admit I was out to hunt the flounder today after John fired the first salvo this year . Timed the tides just right and went to the bouy in Ringaskidddy which wasn’t there anymore so I anchored as close as I could remember but to no joy.   Fished for an hour and a half for nothing only watching the marine college boys potting around training in the lifeboats.   Then moved to the bridge again with no luck so feeling dejected I decided to target dab to add to the list but at this stage the tide was strong yet i persevered and was rewarded with monster whiting all over 40cm !  Big enough to win if  the months species .    Dogs followed and then my friend the dab came up.   At times whiting were as large as dogfish so the fillets were huge.   Must try again soon,  will have to look into other areas for the flounder though or contact the pros for a trip to Waterford.

Boat Angling Ireland - Whiting

Boat Angling Ireland - Cian's catch

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