Jim Nowotynski on the Rod n’ Reel &  Adrian Nowotynski on the Boy Scott in Union Hall report that that the general fishing has been very good with big numbers of good sized Pollock. There has been a huge influx of Codling this year and some are now beginning to reach a reasonable size. If they hang around we will be in for some great Cod fishing in the coming seasons. Its also been a fantastic sharking season, Numbers are up on previous years and the biggest we have ever landed bought it just at the end of July measuring 9 foot 2 inches (2.8meters) Unfortunately we don’t have the weight.

20/08 Just finished 3 days of mainly ground and wreck fishing, All catch and release so they are all still out there. Yesterday we were back on the Conger and Ling and had a good variety including a nice Bull Huss.


A good pollack caught yesterday


Today I was hoping for some good pollack and this one didn’t disappoint, I am guessing around the 10lb mark, I have to guess as the needle dropped off my scales weighing a Ling yesterday, but he was definitely well above average.

Richie and his 8lbs.Stone bass caught about 6 miles out in 60 meters of water on Sunday
Richie and his 8lbs.Stone bass caught about 6 miles out in 60 meters of water on Sunday

18/08 Great day out today, Spent most of it ground fishing, About 15 conger landed, Some nice Ling up to 19lb and this whopper of a Cod.


A great cod


Also an exceptional amount of Whale, Dolphin and basking shark sightings this year. Make the Ocean seem very healthy.

Jim and Adrian  Nowotynski
Rod n’ Reel 
Boy Scott

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