Due to the bright and sunny weather, trout angling on loughs Conn and Cullin has slowed down somewhat. Fly hatches were more sporadic than in previous weeks and most of the fish were caught towards the evening.

On Lough Cullin, Gary Binley, Foxford, had 4 trout, all around 1.25 lbs., while Richard Binley, Foxford, and Bruce Vaughan, UK, boated over 60 keepers (all returned) over a four day period. Also on Lough Cullin, Chloe & Patric Devereux, France, caught 6 trout averaging 1.25 lbs.

Fishing out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel (relax@pontoonbridge.ie), Welsh anglers, Peter Morgan and Paul & Tina Williams, all did very well catching several good sized trout up to 2 lbs. (all released). Glen & Dave Bennet, UK, had 4 trout, best at 1.5 lbs., Brendan O’Malley & son John, US, accounted for 7, biggest also at 1.5 lbs.

Murphy’s Boat Hire (gmurphyboats@gmail.com) reported 9 trout (best at 2 lbs.) for Mick Sweeney & Liam Mc Hugh (Galway & Offaly), while Tony Reddington, Dublin, boated 5 up to 2.5 lbs.

Guests of Cloonamoyne Fishery (ian@cloonamoynefishery.com) were also successful during the week, with Bernie Bradford boating a number of good fish, best at 2 lbs. and

Jack Brady & Alan Hopkins, also UK, catching 11 trout, best at 1.25lbs.

The Cloghans area produced 7 trout for local anglers John and Mick McNeely, for an evening’s fishing, while James Waldron & Liam Butler, both Galway, had 2 trout each, best at 2 lbs.

Most successful flies for the week included dry olives and mayfly patterns, Dabblers and Wulffs.