Fermoy Coarse Angling have been running festivals on the River Blackwater since 1957 and continue to organise angling festivals for those who enjoy the traditional skills of river fishing with stick floats, toppers and wagglers. Dace is the target fish with some Roach and the odd large Bream to 7lb+.

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Fishing the Fermoy Festival

The Spring festival is the harder of the two festivals and really depends on the river conditions; you will need to catch 15 to 20lb on any of the 3 days to do well and backup weight over the next two days of 10 to 14lb so to win this festival you would need somewhere between 40 and 50lb.
Keeping the fish coming helps build the weight

22 fished this year and the river was in good condition for the first day of the competition won by Karl Stephenson, Mirfield  with 16lb 8ozs. The river then rose 16 inches on Wednesday which made the fishing more difficult and Nick Chaffer, Mirfield won with 14lb 8ozs. Friday saw river conditions begin to improve with Nigel Hirst, Mirfield winning with 15lb 4ozs.
Dace are the main species targeted in this competition
Dace are the main species targeted in this competition

Nick Chaffer was the overall winner of the week and it was the Mirfield and Leeds anglers that really dominated this years festival. Well done to all.
Nick Chaffer was the overall winner of the week

We would like to thank all our sponsors; our main sponsor Brian Enwright Alberts Bar, other sponsors TJ Goodtymes, Avondhu Bar, The Wagon Tavern, Springfield B&B, Springmount B&B, Blackwater B&B and Virginia House.

Autumn Festival

The Autumn Festival is really different and you could need 40 to 50lb to win on a day!! Bigs shoals of Dace are around at this time of year and if the conditions are right there is fantastic Dace fishing to be experienced. Anything between 75 and 126lb will win this festival. For more information visit www.ncffi.ie or contact Tommy Lawton tel; 00 353 (0) 25 33574/ 00 353 (0) 86 104 3040 or mail [email protected]

The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland

The NCFFI is responsible for a wide range of angling matters and focus on all aspects of coarse angling including management of international teams that fish in World and European championships according to CIPs rules, improving facilities for all coarse anglers, introducing young and old alike to coarse angling, protecting our fish stocks, and involving all people regardless of background, sex, religion or angling ability.
Website: www.ncffi.ie
Content and additional photography is available on our Facebook page at wwww.facebook.com/coarseangling
Facebook: www.facebook.com/coarseangling