Gerard Doran of South East Angling Services tells us to get out there if you want to catch fish, your persistence will pay off:
Conditions today were challenging but rewarding as the photo below shows a nice rainbow trout which weighed in at 6 lbs. All too often the anglers who ‘get out there’ in such conditions are duly rewarded. Once there is a reasonable chance of catching a fish in a safe environment its well worth a go, often the best fishing is had when no other anglers are about.
Ger Doran - TroutThe fly that caught the above fish Is a Damsel variation which I tied up last week which has caught a lot of fish since, a combination of several successful patterns which worked over time I combined to create a fly that is working pretty well so far!
The fish above amongst others landed fought superbly on #5 weight tackle but by increasing leader strength slightly to 8lbs it means you can land the fish that bit faster to keep its stress to a minimum to aid recovery. A lovely fish that has certainly been in this water a few winters growing naturally. Some quick pictures and off it went to fight another day.
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