On the two off-days of the Fermoy Spring Festival 28 of the anglers headed to Inniscarra as part of festival week. The Griffins Garden Centre Section fished well enough.


It was mostly feeder fishing and most of the roach have now gone spawning. Congratulations to Nick Chaffer of Leeds the winner of this event.

Day 1.
1. Nick Chaffer, Leeds 21.500
2. Arthur Rigley, Nottingham 15.500
3. Neil Richards, Swindon 15.150

Day 2.
1. Mick Stanley, London 22.800
2. Dave Miles, Leeds 21.200
3. Mike Stone, Bristol 18.100

1. Nick Chaffer 26.200
2. Mike Stone 25.600
3. Dave Miles 23.900
4. Arthur Rigley 21.450


Report by Tommy Lawton of Inniscarra Lake TDL an affiliated club of the National Coarse fishing Federation of Ireland www.ncffi.ie. You can follow them at www.facebook.com/inniscarralakeTDL