Portobello AC report on their return to Killkeen after an 11 year hiatus…

Killykeen was once Portobello AC’s favourite venue and the club held its entire 2004 Spring League on the famous lake shore. But it had been 11 years since the club had last held a match at Killykeen so there was a welcome return for our latest club match.



The fishing was a bit patchy, with a noticeable lack of roach that is in common with many other venues this year. Alex Radu set out his stall for bream on the feeder at 40 turns and ran out the winner with 9.300kg, while Trevor Campbell took second with a couple of bonus bream for 3.890kg. Shay Dunlop Phelan took his usual specimen fish with a 2.250 bream.



Thanks to the local angling club for accommodating us on adjacent pegs and we look forward to an early return to one of the best match fishing stretches in the country.


  • 1. Alex Radu 9.300kg
  • 2. Trevor Campbell 3.890
  • 3. Colm O’Gaora 3.210
  • 4. Shay Dunlop Phelan 2.440
  • 5. Ferri 1.940 / 6. Sean Campbell 1.000
  • 7. Henry Norton 0.920
  • 8. Domhnall Twomey DNW.

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