There was rain for most competitors on Friday 11 September, the final day of of the World Pairs Angling Championships. There was drama from the get go as following a car accident Steve and Phil Ringer looked unsure for the competition. Steve was removed to hospital as a precaution and Phil was fit to fish on. The popular pair were placed second going into the final day and Steve was leading the individual score. Match officials declared that a stand in could fish for Steve and so Phil Bardell competed in the team.

World Pairs
Under gloomy skies at Brackley Lake, Gary Miller is catching quality fish on the long pole.

Although it was wet and gloomy, the worst of the weather held off until the final whistle, by which stage the Ringer brothers (and Mr Bardell) were still the talk of the competition. Steve had been released from hospital and, though a little sore, was cheering on the team. And in a fairy tale ending of sorts they won!

Phil and Steve Ringer
Brothers Phil and Steve Ringer won the Team event and Phil took the individual event too

Phil Ringer fished out of his skin on Magho to record a stunning 28kg and not only top the day’s weights, but also push himself to the top of the Daiwa Cup and put the Ringer’s name on the Lakelands and Inland Waterways World Pairs trophy for the first time.

Congratulation to the Ringer Brothers and all the other competitors and officials who have made the World Pairs one of the most exciting fixtures in the world of coarse angling.

Final results
Final results