From the reeds on beautiful Lough Derg to the sandy beaches of south Cork, the bass waters of Wexford to the scenic outcrops in west Kerry, the wild north Atlantic coast of Donegal to one of the best game fisheries in the world at Lough Corrib, Irish Kayak Angling is pleased to announce its inaugural All Ireland Kayak Angling Championship, which will be spread across the 4 provinces, 5 counties and incorporate both fresh and saltwater venues.

As an online based club, our ‘meets’ are essential to the members as it is generally the best way to meet the people you only speak to via the forum. Great friendships have been forged and because of this members find others in areas they have never fished, and now have someone to safely show them these areas.

kayak draft 12

This year, we decided to launch a new competition based around our official club meets. As with all of our other competitions, this is a FREE to enter competition. All that is required is a suitable fishing kayak, standard safety clothing, signal devices (flares, whistle etc) or communications device(vhf is compulsory and mobile phone etc) and a PFD- personal flotation device (also compulsory).

The competition itself is simple enough. A challenge is set for each weekend to catch a particular array of fish available at the venue. Points are awarded for each species caught and bonus points upon completion of the challenge. The overall winner is the one with the best score from 3 of the 6 meets. Species selected for the challenge are chosen to test different angling methods. This is a catch, photo and release based competition. All the details can be found on our club forum

All prizes are supplied via our very generous sponsors who have been extremely helpful in assisting us with this competition.

For anyone interested in this competition or kayak angling in general, visit our forum and we will answer any question you have. Follow us on our facebook page or twitter @irishkayak