Fisheries scientist Ken Whelan has extensive international experience and a substantial publication record. He tells us:

Damsel fly
Damsel fly

Don’t forget to register for the Match the Hatch Course on Courtlough Fishery, Balbriggan, Sunday 18th January – only one or two places remaining[email protected]

We sampled the lake yesterday and found an abundance of trout food, including a spectacular population of damsel fly nymphs. A quick change to the appropriate imitation produced some real beauties for Ger and Jason!

Match the hatch

Match The Hatch

The first in a series of one day courses will be held on Sunday, 18th January at Courtlough Fishery, Balbriggan, Dublin  (

The course will comprise:

In this intensive one day course learn how to:


Fish imitative flies with success

Insect / invertebrate Identification

Select flies to match the trout’s diet

Sample the insects from your local water


  • Phase 1: (classroom) – slides and images as an introduction to small still water entomology, including images of what we may find in the lake. A summary of the various life cycles (including fry) and the sequence of insect hatches throughout the season.
  • Phase 2: – collecting and sorting the insects into groups along the lake shore


  • Phase 3: – going through the fly boxes and tying in the imitations with the natural animals. Emphasis will be placed on  how the insects (aquatic and terrestrial)  , crustaceans /  snails move and how the flies move in the water and at what depth
  • Phase 4: – angling approaches, gear, display of still water tackle, techniques and leader set ups

Ken Whelan