Guide Sean Jordan of Bass fishing Wexford ponders on our bass stocks and how the weather influences them.  Read on;

Of course, you can make all the plans you want about new tactics, marks, etc, etc, but if we keep getting the weather of the last few seasons options will again be limited. It seems like the constant winds from all directions have never abated for long enough for any settled weather patterns to form, especially any High air pressure fronts conducive to good fishing prospects. Plans that have often turned into more of a chasing game, than a waiting game.         Those in the know tell us its down global warming.      Briefly, by way of :   Warmer oceans = More moisture in the atmosphere = More, + Stronger, Winds, Storms.

Sean Jordan - Plans for 2015It certainly makes lure fishing tough, churning up murk, + weed, in an already tough fishing environment that demands a big effort for consistent results. It’s well documented that just turning up at some old generic mark, and throwing the latest lure won’t do it any more, and there are many opinions on that.   Bass stocks go up, + down for sure, through natures many deciding, + complex factors during those first 18 months after being spawned, determining the different year classes, coupled with that “cancer on the planet”, Man, and his never ending quest for exploiting fish stocks in an unsustainable manner where ever they can get away with it, it’s a one-way street, with no way back, + no more bass…

Sean Jordan - Plans for 2015 2One ongoing plan is the continuation of tagging, and taking data for the IFI’s National Bass Programme, the Bass need our help, always do what you can for their future, C+R, + never miss a chance to voice your concerns about ALL fish stocks…….

Plans, plans, plans, if we do get a decent season there are plenty of plans afoot, new, and some old which are not quite the finished article yet, as always in fishing “success is never final”, adapting, evolving, it’s a never ending “Work in progress”……

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