Wexford Guide Sean Jordan shares his wealth of experience with us and gives us tips on locating sandeels:

The one fish I’ve been seeing more of the last 3 seasons is the most common of the inshore Sandeel (Ammodytes tobianus) average @100-150mm in length, even through Dec – Jan they can be seen in numbers, I’ve seen them before at this time of year, but not in any decent numbers until Feb.

Sean Jordan - Sandeels 1The pic above was taken this week, hope you can spot them!! (you might have to clean your screen).     According to research done in lab tanks, carried out in Denmark, their circadian patterns were more tuned in to food availability than anything else, eg, water temp, + predation.       So, going by research it should be no surprise to see them around now, should it !!    Although they won’t be hit hard for another few weeks by sub-surface predators, eg, Sea-Trout, who are a more active predator in the cooler water temp, they haven’t gone un-noticed by others, avian predators, eg, Herons, Egrets, + kingfishers, who take up positions late on the ebb, when conditions come together they make the most of it, spotting any opportunities, and so should YOU.

Sean Jordan - HeronsKnowing the ways of the Sandeel, and its influences, eg where it seeks safety, congregates, feeds, breeds, + travels, WILL get you more fish, not every time, but in the long term BIG picture it will for SURE.           Our targets (Bass, + Sea-Trout)  KNOW just as well as the Herons, + Egrets, where, and when to wait in ambush, and so should YOU.

Locating, finding, + tracking your targets is by FAR the biggest task in angling success, knowing where their food is going to be, is a great asset. …….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Learn the ways of the Sandeel, I DID …..

SeanJordan - Sandeels 2

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