Water conditions on the Suir continue to be good following the problems last month with algae and moss fouling casts and flies. Tony O’Dwyer was back in action on Thursday last week when he met two fine fish near The Arch – a great way to christen his new Loop outfit. With a water level of 2.6 Tony fished a floating line and the fly of choice was a Red Francis.

salmon 13lb
This salmon, estimated to weigh 13lb, had out all the line on two occassions

The first fish  somersaulted away, but the second one didn’t. A positive take followed by smooth rod lift to tighten into the fish led to a firm hookhold. It was needed too as fish put on a great show and had the full length of the fly and more out twice.

After a quick photograph the salmon was released safely.

Tony tells us that the river is fishing well enough at the moment and that there are a few salmon moving. Though with the bright days we’ve had recently early mornings and late evening might give the best chance of success.

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