John McLaughlin reports:

At the time of writing, we are experiencing some of the heaviest rainfall of the season so far.
There has been a rise in water levels on the Finn, Gweebarra, Lennon and Lackagh systems since last Thursday and although the water heights have been somewhat unsettled, I have plenty of reports of fresh fish seen running in very good numbers in all these fisheries!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was lucky enough to get over to the Gweeebarra on Sunday morning last in great fishing conditions.
I managed to land 2 nice fish on the Fly.
I released my first fish of the season, which I estimated at 9 or 10 lbs and I landed another bigger fish of 12 lbs shortly afterwards.
Both fish fell to a blue and yellow cascade tube.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy father also landed an early Sea-liced Grilse of nearly 5 lbs on a silver bullet flying C.
Day permits for the Gweebarra are available from the Village shop in Doochary.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeanwhile on the Cloghan Lodge Estate Fishery, river Finn, James Crompston landed a lovely fresh fish of around 10 lbs and lost a fish of similar size below the Ivy bridge on the fly on Monday.
I have reports of 7 other fish hooked and lost between the Ivy Bridge and Peters’ Hollow on Monday also.
Permits for the Cloghan Lodge Estate fishery are available at the Lodge or from me here at the Lough Swilly Angling Centre.

John Mc Laughlin

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