The Slaney River Trust reports on April 27 that the sunny south east has lived up to it’s billing over the past few weeks with blue skies and very little rainfall, this is despite most other parts of the country having plenty of rain. Fishing conditions have been far from ideal as a result with very low water for this time of year. Most anglers are waiting for rain and not many fish have been landed.

17lb salmon
Tiernan Sludds 17lbs salmon from Enniscorthy, 24th April

On the bright side there have been a number of superb fish caught with at least 4 fish in the high teens to low twenties reported over the past two weeks. Tiernan Sludds caught a fabulous fish on Friday 24th March at Enniscorthy while the day before a fish estimated close to 25lbs was landed. Other fish reported are averaging in the mid teens. These big fish might well be returning for the second or even third time to spawn.

Now that the river is strictly open on a catch and release basis and with no commercial netting it seems that these fish are at last getting a chance to survive, even if they are currently in relatively small numbers. We are all hoping for rain now and this weeks forecast is a little more encouraging, lets just hope the Wicklow mountains don’t miss out yet again!

Slaney River Trust

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  • Clohamon Fishery
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  • Enniscorthy Anglers
    Contact Danny’s Angling and Outdoors, St Senans Rd, Enniscorthy.  Tel: 087 9005991.
  • Solsboro Fishing Association
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  • Tullow Salmon and Trout Anglers Association
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  • Moyadie, Monfin, Glass Door and upper Ballycarney beats
    Contact David French of Fanning French and Associates on 087 9221833.

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