Billy Downes reports from Co. Kerry…

As of Tuesday 10th March water at the Laune Bridge is rising towards 2m. This is a bit on the high side for fishing Laune Anglers waters but it is running clear. Salmon are running the system and fish have been reported from the Flesk and the lakes.

There are good high tides this week and when it starts to fall back chances will be good.
There is also a slight rise in water temperature to about 7 degrees. From the end of March there should be good sea trout met in Laune Anglers waters.

Not a lot of angling or news of fish from our waters so far. There is some chance of a pull if you are out there.

The Laune Bridge OPW water level: ( )

Billy Downes  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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