Irish Bass Festival Results!

The Irish Bass Festival was fishing in pretty difficult conditions last weekend, the winds and weed being a real problem, but there were were a few good fish caught and Richard Cake’s 74cm fish was a worthy winner.

Congratulations to Richard Cake, winner of the Irish Bass Festival

The top three anglers were:

  • 1st place – Richard Cake (74cm)
  • 2nd – Ray Horgan (71cm)
  • 3rd – Kenny Bodles (67.5cm)

Richard is no stranger to the Irish Bass Festival, having fished the competition last year, though not with such a great return. “This was my second Irish Festival,” says Richard, “blanked last year! I love this place and will be returning for it again in 2016. Very well run and always great people to meet and talk to along the coast.”

Other winners were:

Best three bass combined – Steve Richardson (179cm)

Juvenile winner – Niall Hogan