The beaches of the north east along the Co. Louth and Co. Meath coastlines are always challenging because they are so shallow. Even with the recent good weather and bright conditions they have produced some nice catches on the evening tides. Today however was flat calm with clear blue skies, not ideal fishing conditions but there were a lot of small fish about. One angler had seven small flounder in a short afternoon session on the Louth coastline getting loads of strong rattling bites that indicated better fish but unfortunately nothing bigger than 15cms was caught. One small bass was also lost just as it came ashore. All fish were taken on rag.

Some small flounder have also been taken on the south beach at Laytown. The fishing on both coastlines is sure to improve over the next few weeks and we will keep you posted as we get reports and pics. There are still not a lot of anglers around at the moment but more anglers have been observed recently on the Louth coastline, Boyne estuary and South beach at Laytown in anticipation of some better fishing.

Small Flounder Can Provide Great Sport
Even Small Fish Can Provide Great Sport