The first report of mullet being caught in Cork Harbour comes from Eire Bass guide Richie Ryan this week…

There was a noticeable decline in the number of mullet in the harbour last year which saddened many seasoned anglers writes Richie Ryan. The guide continues to expound the virtues of this wonderful fish which punches well above its weight when hooked. A mullet on the fly nearly always takes him down to the backing the guide enthuses.

The first reported mullet of the year was caught on fly in Cork Harbour

“It’s such a pity that these fish when caught commercially are mainly used for fish food. I’ve has always felt that mullet could be just as valuable a resource as bass in future years to angling tourism. The time is ripe to save this species by introducing restrictions to prevent harvesting for such a meagre return. Mullet are present in the south of Ireland for practically the whole year and can give anglers great sport when other fish are absent. They are a slow growing species just like bass. To capture 120,000 mullet outside Cork Harbour as happened just over a year ago is a shame. I have been told that 90% of those fish had to be dumped as there was no market for them.  Let’s start the debate now.”

Richie Ryan
Saltwater fly fishing Guide.

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Why not try saltwater fly-fishing from a boat in the second largest natural harbour in the world? A safe harbour in most weather, shelter can normally be found easily if conditions are rough. Your guide, Commander Richie Ryan (Retd) of the Irish Navy, has built up a huge knowledge of bass fishing, in particular, over the last 30 years. His boat “Sea Hawk” is the first boat in Ireland to be licensed for saltwater fly fishing ! Also available on fly are sea trout, pollack, mullet, mackerel, garfish etc All other methods of fishing are also available.
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