Brian McCall from reports on a productive trip along the Hook Peninsula…

This past weekend two of our members, Joe and Chris, gave the Hook Peninsula a go for some cod and whiting. Things were very slow for a while with only a few pin whiting ticking the time over. Chris moved in under a cliff face to try his luck and was getting small pollack regularly. So, with this, joe moved in and just as he got there, Chris hit into this lovely big pollack on a drift and successfully landed it while Joe primed the shutter release. It weighed an impressive 7.5lb

Pollack from a kayak
A fine pollack from the ‘yak

A few more good sized pollack just under the 5lb mark were landed with others, possibly bigger,  lost.

Catching pollack of this size from a kayak is more fun than any other method I’ve tried. Light gear and being able to present lures in such a natural way from the surface of the water really brings big results. Tie this in with the ability to fish areas that boats can not get to and which are impossible to fish from land, and you really appreciate your day out.

Read all the action from the men themselves

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