Charter skipper Donie Geary of John Boy take the whole family out on a fishing trip, to show the dubs what the rebels have to offer:

Just finished 4 days with a regular group which I inherited from Brian & Cherry Byrne, They had previously been fishing with Brian for about 15 years, and still… enjoy the comforts and hospitality of “Loughcarrig House”
The group is made up of members of the Smith family from Dublin including brothers, sons, uncles and son in laws.

A fine specimen...
A fine specimen…

Leaving from East ferry pier on Saturday the plan was to hit a small wreck south of Power head , but on the way I was informed that the wind was to increase to force 6 by lunchtime, so instead altered coarse for the (wait for it) the Smiths. Fishing wasn’t great to start with, but as the wind freshened we moved back towards Roche’s point ,and had a good last 2 hours landing Conger, ling and a few nice cod.
On Sunday we hit the wreck and had a few hours of comfortable fishing landing half a dozen good ling and about a dozen conger before everything went quiet as the tide slackened. we finished up doing a few drifts at Power head where we had a few tidy Cod and Pollack.
On Monday with the forecast for strong s/w. wind we opted to fish the turbot bank, after spending a full hour catching a dozen fresh mackerel and some Launce, we set up for a relaxing days fishing.
4 of the boys set up a single hook flowing trace while Paul (the old man of the sea) decoded to fish small with a 3 hook light trace for dabs. After about an hour of drinking soup and telling jokes Paul’s light rod bent double, after a mighty struggle against a good flood tide he managed to land a tidy plaice a Blonde ray (7lb.) and a dab all on a trace of about 15lb. We finished the day with 4 Rays Biggest 12lb. a fine conger and a share of dabs and whiting.

Paul with his 12lb. fish.
Paul with his 12lb. fish.

On Tuesday with empty cooler boxes we set out to rectify the situation and I headed to the sand about 6 miles S/W of Roche’s
point, With a lovely drift were landing some a few nice cod and Pollack and small ling but no whiting.
About lunchtime we decided to go to the whiting mark south of the Smith’s and immediately the whiting were on the feed 3 at the time.
We had a constant flow of very good whiting some fine cod and a few good ling and Pollack to send the Freezer boxes back to Dublin full to the brim.
Overall a very enjoyable 4 days, despite the weather with a happy go lucky group of (bleeden) Anglers. and we are already looking forward to 2016.

Go fishing…

Donal Geary

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