Brian McCall of Irish Kayak Angling tells us thatAndrew Mcilhone and some friends ventured out of Ardglass pier recently  in the hopes of a few bites…

On the water early they fished a few known marks that regularly produce. Unfortunately after a lot of hard work the results just weren’t coming. So, a change of scenery was ordered and on the group moved, paddling into ever changing and worsening conditions all the while closely followed by a group of seals.

Tony got this scorpionfish – sometimes called a fatherlasher

The new mark began to produce with a few small pollack being taken up. Then Andrews friend Tony pulled up a very large and oddly coloured scorpion fish.  Soon after Andrew got his own scorpion but as the wind began to pick up so it was time to call it a day.

Read all the action from the men themselves

Kayak angling in Ireland

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