Kevin O’Boyle reports that while water levels are still high and the weather wet, windy and cold, those who ventured out had some good results on Lough Conn…

On the northern half of the lake John Walsh, Cloghans, had 5 trout for 7 lbs all on buzzers in Bog Bay. Colm Mc Andrew, Laharadane,  had 2 trout for 3 lbs. to 1.75 lbs. on buzzers. John Connanonn and son Jonathan had 2 trout for just over 2 lbs on tradional wets.

Down the lake Sean Devily and Mick Sweeney, both of Loughrea, Galway, had 5 trout between them on traditional patterns. Peter Grey, Castlebar, and Paul Caslin, Ross, Pontoon, had 5 trout between them for just over 7 lbs on dry flies. Gary Binley, Foxford, bagged 4 trout for 6 lbs on buzzers. Ben Browne, Stephen Browne and son Luke, Cloghans,  had 3 trout best 2 lbs all on dry duck fly.

Joe Ferguson,  Knockmore had 2 trout for just under 3 lbs on dry duck fly in Bog Bay.

Jack McNeely Annual Memorial

The Jack Mc Neely annual memorial competition was fished on Monday 5 th April. There was a 13″ limit and  heaviest fish weigh in only.

1 st Patrick Kelly. Cloghans 1.55 lbs

2 nd Gary Binley Foxford 1.43 lbs

3 rd Brendan Breslin knock more 1.30 lbs

Lots of trout were caught in the competition, example P Kelly and G Binley  had 4 to 5 more trout all on dries.

Best junior angler was Cormac Murphy, Cloghans.