Ken O’Neill IFI reports from Lough Derg:

A black fly locally – reed smuts – are hatched and trout are feeding on them.  However there are relatively few anglers fishing them.  There have been trout anglers trolling and two anglers have been reported as catching two large ferox trout – which they released afterwards.  However, it is also locally known that there are plenty of trout in the lake for both fly and deep angling – however, there seems to be few anglers that realise that Trout do not give themselves up easily on this beautiful wild lake.

The mayfly fly angling on Derg, especially around the Mountshannon, is relatively easy angling and accordingly, there are hundreds of anglers fishing Derg during this narrow time window because of this.  However, the trout fishing is still good on Derg – just as good as any other wild lake, and, if an angler was interested in angling on Derg – the chances are you would have a good fly hatch of reed smut and a nice rise of early autumn trout.

Ken O’Neill

IFI Limerick